Our product line of the world's favourite beverage

We select high quality coffee beans from the plantation and hand roast them for optimal flavour and taste.

Our passion for coffee began in 1980s when we opened our coffe shop in Jamal, Kathmandu. Ever since, we have indulged our customers with the very best of Nepalese Himalayan Arabica coffee. For you – our customers – we are constantly on the lookout for the new, the unique and the exceptional blends that incorporate the flavours and taste.

Coffee in Nepal is cultivated primarily by small scale farmers . Farmers either sell their harvest to nearby factories or process it in their own mini processing units. In the rolling hills of Nepal, at the foot hills of the mighty Himalayas, lie the plantations that produce some of the finest coffee in the world. The air is exceptional and at this altitude, coffee grows slower and has time to develop the full complexity of its taste. The coffee industry in Nepal is young and innovative and the production of organic coffee is steadily increasing.
A cup of coffee